Monday, September 5, 2016

Lithium Battery Presentation

We've been happy enough with our Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery installation that I volunteered to do a presentation at the Annapolis Sail & Power Squadron meeting, Sept 1, 2016. The powerpoint slides may (or may not) be self-explanatory. If you're interested, a PDF of the presentation can be found here:

I later did a revised version of the talk to the Marine Trawler Owner's Association. This version contains a few more details. It is 29.2MB.
Lithium Batteries as a Marine House Bank


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Derek Alldritt said...

Terry, thanks for the this extensive write up. A couple of questions as we undertake a Lithium retrofit on our L46 cat.

One -- the RPi, what are you using to monitor the batteries with this device?
Two -- I didn't quite understand how you wired the disconnects for LVW/HVE's and it looked like a battery combiner in the photos, so can you add some insight to that? Are you using the BlueSea disconnect to disconnect battery from house on each event, or did you break out into load/charge bus bars?

Thanks in advance,