Monday, July 7, 2014

Home Again

We have finally arrived back in Annapolis. It was great to see Lars and Denise waiting for us on the dock. And, Miriam and Jon were there to welcome us as well. Missy was so excited to see us that she performed an appropriate dog welcome- she rolled in goose poop.

Our 44th Day on the Boat

We seem to have broken our former record! We have now been on LUX for 44 days. 

As you have probably noticed, I did not blog much recently. So, to catch you up on the LUX adventures....

Saturday, we sailed up from Solomon's to St. Michael's. We ended up in the harbor rafted up with another Leopard catamaran owner that Terry knew. 

The Makai is a 47 foot boat. And,for the Fourth of July, they needed every foot. Seems that they invited a friend to bring a friend to watch the fireworks. The friend brought her whole Salsa dancing class. But, Makai seemed to handle it with no problems.

Then, we added more people. Some of Peggy's family joined us to watch the fireworks. And, it was quite the show here in St. Michael's! Everyone had a great time.

Sunday, we started watching the parade of boats leaving St. Michael's. It was quite the parade. The harbor looked like a little city- it was that packed with boats for the Fourth. After some rocking and a little discussion, we realized that we would be much better off waiting a day to try to go home. We could only imagine the volume of boat traffic around the bay bridge area. So, why fight it if you don't have to! We went into town for lunch instead.

We spent most of the afternoon wandering around the shops looking at all the neat stuff for sale here in St. Michael's. But, we really didn't buy much. We just enjoyed the opportunity to stroll through town.

Back at the boat, we made a meal out of leftovers from the refrigerator. We also had an incredible sunset! If red sky at night is a true old saying, we should have a great day tomorrow.

Then, three of us played one game of 500 rummy- that is all my battered ego can stand. I am so unlucky at cards that it really isn't fun to play- or even watch.

This morning, that red sky at night hasn't actually paid off yet. It is a little gray out here.

But, it is still cool and pleasant. The crew is busy refrigerator diving to find interesting stuff for breakfast. Afterward, we will head home. We really need to get started on some new projects for LUX. Carol plans to make the screened enclosure. Peggy wants to order blinds for the salon. Mike and Terry have a big list of projects they want to do. So, we have a busy summer ahead of us with LUX.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Perfect Set - Genoa Trim Off the Wind

Catamarans like sailing off the wind, but the genoa car track is set well inboard, creating weird and inefficient sail shape. Fortunately, the Leopard 40 (and at least the L47) have amidships cleats located at just the right location to use a barber hauler rig to obtain better sail shape. Below is an example of the rig.

Genoa Barber Hauler

We have a set of snatch blocks that can be located anywhere that we need a turning block. A 2 ft length of 7/16 line is tied in a loop, the snatch block is snapped into it, and it is attached to the mid-ships cleat. A sheet with a snap shackle is run through the block and attached to the genoa clew. The sheet is run to one of our winches, which requires another snatch block at the aft deck D-ring on the side where the genoa will be sheeted. It doesn't take much effort to setup or to switch sides when tacking or jibing. We do have to watch for the barber hauler sheet chafing on the lifeline - sometimes is makes more sense to run the sheet outside the lifelines instead of inside.

The result is a much improved sail shape for broad reaching.


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Leaving Solomon's

Well, we are back on the water again- still headed north. Today, we are off to St. Michael's.

Yesterday turned out to be a okay day in Solomon's. The noon parade of boats was not much of a parade with maybe only ten boats participating. I can't blame the other boats for not coming out- it really was still very windy. However, we did appreciate the efforts of those boats who decorated a and came out to show off their patriotic pride. It was fun while it lasted. But the fun was way too short!

We then spent the afternoon just lazing about. Most everyone read books or magazines. We all took turns people watching as everyone in the marina geared up to party!

For dinner, we decided to give up on refrigerator cleaning. We went out to dinner instead. We ate at the Lighthouse. All of us had eaten there one time or another in the past. Unfortunately, the restaurant suffered a major fire, and it has been closed for a while. They finally finished the rebuilding, and we were anxious to check out the new place.

The menu is just as great as always. Stuffed shrimp came with golf ball sized crab lumps. But, the big entertainment for the evening was the drink ordered by Peggy. It came in a bucket with a label,stating that it was good for up to six people! The only really bad thing about it was that we did not have the camera at the ready when the waitress presented it to Peggy. The look on her face was priceless!

We really enjoyed the food at the Lighthouse. And our server was attentive. It's just that the old Lighthouse had a certain panache that we missed. There are no longer any linen tablecloths. The napkins are large, but they are paper. And to make matters worse, the carrot cake was the usual spice cake with cream cheese frosting. To top it all off, the servers were having way too much fun. They were louder than the customers as they carried on over by the bar. We dined early to avoid the Fourth of July crowds, but we still caught the noise- from those servers! I like it when people are happy to be at work. I just don't think piggy back rides are appropriate in a restaurant where the entrees start at $20 and go up quickly! But, I can be so old fashioned at times....

Friday, July 4, 2014

Dinner in Solomon's

We went to the Lighthouse Restaurant for dinner. Check out Peggy's drink- it was on the bucket list!

A Great Day in Solomon's

We had a great time in Solomon's yesterday. We took the shuttle to the Riverwalk, and we checked out the local shops. One of the shops was an excellent photography studio with incredible pictures of crabs and the bay. Even better, it had a sign for Linda.

So, Linda, we have three so far. How many more do you want?

We came back to the boat for refrigerator clean out lunch. We couldn't get through all the leftovers, so we knew what we would be having for dinner. Afterward, we spent time lounging around the pool.

Then, back to the boat for leftover Chinese. No, the refrigerator still has too much stuff in it. We'll need to work on that some more.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Good Morning From Solomon's

This morning, it is calm and quiet here in the marina.

The weather forecast is getting somewhat better for the region, but those clouds still look ominous.

We have pretty much made the decision to stay put here in Solomon's through the fourth. Today's forecast of thunderstorms only reinforced that idea. Speaking of thunderstorms, we had quite the light show last night. Incredible lightning that lit up the sky even though the storm was so far away that we never heard thunder.

BTW, some of the crew met Ralph from Phase Two. They had cut their trip short, skipping St. Mary's, and were docked here in Solomon's. It seemed that Judy took ill. So, they came here. Ron and Ann came down. Ann took Judy home. Ron will help Ralph get the boat back to Annapolis. Ron and Ralph plan to leave today to get home today before the storm. We certainly wish them a safe journey home.

This morning, for breakfast, we are having one of our favorites - sweet potato pancakes made from Bruce's sweet potato pancake mix. That mix is so tasty! The clerk in the store tried to tell me that all I needed to do was add sweet potatoes to any pancake mix. Yes, I could probably do that. But, Bruce's is easy and convenient- two good things on a boat. I just wish that mix was easy to find!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July 2- in Solomon's Island

Today was an interesting day on the water. As you might have seen in an earlier post, the morning started out completely still. But, when we got to the bay, that changed- and not for the better, if you ask me. However, if you ask the true sailors, they would tell you that it was a Wheeee Doggie day. They really got to sail. And by that I mean they REALLY got to sail. They were in sailor's heaven, or so they said.

It did finally calm down, and the afternoon was mostly a motor sailing adventure. 

We passed Point No Point. And, we arrived safely at Solomon's.

Our moves from here on will be dictated by the weather. This afternoon, we had a particularly spectacular thunderstorm. We were really glad to be here at the dock during that.

Early Morning

It is just after 6 AM in Onancock, and it is a beautiful day already. Look at still it is.

We will soon take off. Right now, we are discussing where. At this moment, Solomon's is looking good.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Onancock, Virginia

Today was a great day for the sailors on the boat. We had great wind, so they sailed almost all the way here. And, here is a great marina. We are at the Town Dock, and it is a lovely place. 

They have finished construction on the building itself. There are new bathrooms and showers. There is a laundry room- one washer and one dryer, but they are free! And, it is a short walk into most of the town. Unfortunately, it is just over a mile to the Scoops- the ice cream shop. More about that later.

We started with lunch at Mallards. Quack, quack. Sorry, couldn't resist. Linda, it's not a chicken, but it is fowl..... Lucky for us, it was not foul at all!

It happens to be in an old building that used to be the Hopkins and Brother General Store which dated from the early 1800s. That building has been moved three times, ending up in its present location. The chef supposedly not only cooks but sings. However, we did not get a concert at lunch. They were watching the soccer game. FIFO has ruled all the televisions we have seen to date.

Then, we went walk about. Gee got overheated. Mike tried to get her ice cream. The interesting thing about Onancock is that it appears that your regular commerce has moved one mild away to Route 13, leaving nothing here but restaurants, antique stores, upscale boutiques, and a really cool coffee shop. Mike tried to get ice cream at the General Store Cafe, but it closed at two. Mike tried to get ice cream at the really cool coffee shop, but they only had art, jewelry, and iced coffees. Mike tried to get ice cream from the gourmet shop, but they only had gelato. Gee gave up, and went back to the boat.

Mike disappeared. It seems he borrowed the bike from from the Dockmaster to go to Scoops, just to get his beloved ice cream. He rode uphill both ways, which really can't be much since this is the eastern shore! And, he returned with ice cream. What a prince of a guy!

For dinner, we had chicken fajitas. It was very tasty.

BTW- LUX has generated a bit of attention since we are here next to the parking lot for Mallards. Many people have been admiring her. Two couples even talked to us just to say that she is such a beautiful boat. We so agree!

All in all, it has been a good day, tomorrow, we are off to Solomon's Island.


Our trip to Deltaville was a short one. We arrived just after Noon. So, naturally, we got to explore.  First, though, was the obligatory trip to the grocery. Even with our new plastic wrapped stems, the bananas just don't last. Fortunately, that means they are getting eaten. But, we do go through lots of fresh fruit here.

Afterwards, some of the intrepid crew set off on the bicycles provided by the Marina. They visited the Deltaville Museum, and they went shopping in Deltaville. This small town is working hard to be a boating destination. Every other shop sells nautical themed items. There is even a gift shop that also does marine consignment- Nauti Nell's! They even have a BIG West Marine. Restaurants in the area also will arrange to pick you up and bring you back, should you wish to dine out.

This marina is very interesting. When you arrive, they do not send dock hands out to help. That is the first clue that this is a do it yourself marina. Next is that you get to do your own water and electricity. There is only one man in the office, and he seems a little harried or something. After all, no matter what you tell him when registering, he gets it wrong. I mean, really, how many times does one have to spell LUX. Peggy has so much more patience than me. I would have given up, demanded that he hand over the form, and filled it out myself. But, back to the DIY marina.

Bicycles are provided- just take one and bring it back. Free coffee is provided in the morning, but you have to bring your own cup. Best of all? Free pump outs- but you have to do it yourself. However, Mike reports that the pump out is really one of the best ones we have used on this trip. He reports that it really sucked- and that is a compliment in the world of pump outs, BTW.

They do have some quirky things. One is that they maintain a free herb and vegetable garden. It has a sign telling boaters to just help themselves. They also have a screened in patio with two grills. The boater's lounge has a large selection of books available for exchange. This collection not only includes the standard books one might find, but a whole shelf of books in foreign languages as well children's books.

But, best of all, the shower rooms are just great. All the showers have LOTS of hot water. And, they even provided a hair dryer!

We met up again with Adagio- the boat we met at the Alligator River Marina. They came to Deltaville for boat repair. 

Now it is Tuesday morning, and we are back on the water again. The sailors are excited. They have already put up the sails. It's just possible that they are going to have a great day on the water. So, we are off to Onancoke.