Thursday, July 3, 2014

Good Morning From Solomon's

This morning, it is calm and quiet here in the marina.

The weather forecast is getting somewhat better for the region, but those clouds still look ominous.

We have pretty much made the decision to stay put here in Solomon's through the fourth. Today's forecast of thunderstorms only reinforced that idea. Speaking of thunderstorms, we had quite the light show last night. Incredible lightning that lit up the sky even though the storm was so far away that we never heard thunder.

BTW, some of the crew met Ralph from Phase Two. They had cut their trip short, skipping St. Mary's, and were docked here in Solomon's. It seemed that Judy took ill. So, they came here. Ron and Ann came down. Ann took Judy home. Ron will help Ralph get the boat back to Annapolis. Ron and Ralph plan to leave today to get home today before the storm. We certainly wish them a safe journey home.

This morning, for breakfast, we are having one of our favorites - sweet potato pancakes made from Bruce's sweet potato pancake mix. That mix is so tasty! The clerk in the store tried to tell me that all I needed to do was add sweet potatoes to any pancake mix. Yes, I could probably do that. But, Bruce's is easy and convenient- two good things on a boat. I just wish that mix was easy to find!

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