Saturday, July 5, 2014

Leaving Solomon's

Well, we are back on the water again- still headed north. Today, we are off to St. Michael's.

Yesterday turned out to be a okay day in Solomon's. The noon parade of boats was not much of a parade with maybe only ten boats participating. I can't blame the other boats for not coming out- it really was still very windy. However, we did appreciate the efforts of those boats who decorated a and came out to show off their patriotic pride. It was fun while it lasted. But the fun was way too short!

We then spent the afternoon just lazing about. Most everyone read books or magazines. We all took turns people watching as everyone in the marina geared up to party!

For dinner, we decided to give up on refrigerator cleaning. We went out to dinner instead. We ate at the Lighthouse. All of us had eaten there one time or another in the past. Unfortunately, the restaurant suffered a major fire, and it has been closed for a while. They finally finished the rebuilding, and we were anxious to check out the new place.

The menu is just as great as always. Stuffed shrimp came with golf ball sized crab lumps. But, the big entertainment for the evening was the drink ordered by Peggy. It came in a bucket with a label,stating that it was good for up to six people! The only really bad thing about it was that we did not have the camera at the ready when the waitress presented it to Peggy. The look on her face was priceless!

We really enjoyed the food at the Lighthouse. And our server was attentive. It's just that the old Lighthouse had a certain panache that we missed. There are no longer any linen tablecloths. The napkins are large, but they are paper. And to make matters worse, the carrot cake was the usual spice cake with cream cheese frosting. To top it all off, the servers were having way too much fun. They were louder than the customers as they carried on over by the bar. We dined early to avoid the Fourth of July crowds, but we still caught the noise- from those servers! I like it when people are happy to be at work. I just don't think piggy back rides are appropriate in a restaurant where the entrees start at $20 and go up quickly! But, I can be so old fashioned at times....

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