Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Our trip to Deltaville was a short one. We arrived just after Noon. So, naturally, we got to explore.  First, though, was the obligatory trip to the grocery. Even with our new plastic wrapped stems, the bananas just don't last. Fortunately, that means they are getting eaten. But, we do go through lots of fresh fruit here.

Afterwards, some of the intrepid crew set off on the bicycles provided by the Marina. They visited the Deltaville Museum, and they went shopping in Deltaville. This small town is working hard to be a boating destination. Every other shop sells nautical themed items. There is even a gift shop that also does marine consignment- Nauti Nell's! They even have a BIG West Marine. Restaurants in the area also will arrange to pick you up and bring you back, should you wish to dine out.

This marina is very interesting. When you arrive, they do not send dock hands out to help. That is the first clue that this is a do it yourself marina. Next is that you get to do your own water and electricity. There is only one man in the office, and he seems a little harried or something. After all, no matter what you tell him when registering, he gets it wrong. I mean, really, how many times does one have to spell LUX. Peggy has so much more patience than me. I would have given up, demanded that he hand over the form, and filled it out myself. But, back to the DIY marina.

Bicycles are provided- just take one and bring it back. Free coffee is provided in the morning, but you have to bring your own cup. Best of all? Free pump outs- but you have to do it yourself. However, Mike reports that the pump out is really one of the best ones we have used on this trip. He reports that it really sucked- and that is a compliment in the world of pump outs, BTW.

They do have some quirky things. One is that they maintain a free herb and vegetable garden. It has a sign telling boaters to just help themselves. They also have a screened in patio with two grills. The boater's lounge has a large selection of books available for exchange. This collection not only includes the standard books one might find, but a whole shelf of books in foreign languages as well children's books.

But, best of all, the shower rooms are just great. All the showers have LOTS of hot water. And, they even provided a hair dryer!

We met up again with Adagio- the boat we met at the Alligator River Marina. They came to Deltaville for boat repair. 

Now it is Tuesday morning, and we are back on the water again. The sailors are excited. They have already put up the sails. It's just possible that they are going to have a great day on the water. So, we are off to Onancoke.


Mike B. said...

Someone told me Deltaville has more boats than people, and since I left my Leopard 38 at a yard there to get a bit of work done a few weeks ago, I can say that is probably true.

The biggest store in town seems to be a West Marine and there are a number of other marine services there which makes it an interesting little town...particularly for work.

Will have to check out the museum when I return. Which marina did you guys end up at in Deltaville...sounds interesting?


Gee said...

We stayed at the Deltaville Marina on Jackson Creek. They have one loaner car for big trips. They offer lots of loaner bicycles, which will get you around easily- especially if you want to go to the museum, which is just down the road from this marina. We really liked it there.