Friday, July 4, 2014

A Great Day in Solomon's

We had a great time in Solomon's yesterday. We took the shuttle to the Riverwalk, and we checked out the local shops. One of the shops was an excellent photography studio with incredible pictures of crabs and the bay. Even better, it had a sign for Linda.

So, Linda, we have three so far. How many more do you want?

We came back to the boat for refrigerator clean out lunch. We couldn't get through all the leftovers, so we knew what we would be having for dinner. Afterward, we spent time lounging around the pool.

Then, back to the boat for leftover Chinese. No, the refrigerator still has too much stuff in it. We'll need to work on that some more.


Linda said...

Oh boy will there be fireworks if you bring me chickens ...

Gee said...

But, it is the season for fireworks! Just enjoy the show! We are in St. Michael's hanging out in the harbor.