Monday, July 7, 2014

Our 44th Day on the Boat

We seem to have broken our former record! We have now been on LUX for 44 days. 

As you have probably noticed, I did not blog much recently. So, to catch you up on the LUX adventures....

Saturday, we sailed up from Solomon's to St. Michael's. We ended up in the harbor rafted up with another Leopard catamaran owner that Terry knew. 

The Makai is a 47 foot boat. And,for the Fourth of July, they needed every foot. Seems that they invited a friend to bring a friend to watch the fireworks. The friend brought her whole Salsa dancing class. But, Makai seemed to handle it with no problems.

Then, we added more people. Some of Peggy's family joined us to watch the fireworks. And, it was quite the show here in St. Michael's! Everyone had a great time.

Sunday, we started watching the parade of boats leaving St. Michael's. It was quite the parade. The harbor looked like a little city- it was that packed with boats for the Fourth. After some rocking and a little discussion, we realized that we would be much better off waiting a day to try to go home. We could only imagine the volume of boat traffic around the bay bridge area. So, why fight it if you don't have to! We went into town for lunch instead.

We spent most of the afternoon wandering around the shops looking at all the neat stuff for sale here in St. Michael's. But, we really didn't buy much. We just enjoyed the opportunity to stroll through town.

Back at the boat, we made a meal out of leftovers from the refrigerator. We also had an incredible sunset! If red sky at night is a true old saying, we should have a great day tomorrow.

Then, three of us played one game of 500 rummy- that is all my battered ego can stand. I am so unlucky at cards that it really isn't fun to play- or even watch.

This morning, that red sky at night hasn't actually paid off yet. It is a little gray out here.

But, it is still cool and pleasant. The crew is busy refrigerator diving to find interesting stuff for breakfast. Afterward, we will head home. We really need to get started on some new projects for LUX. Carol plans to make the screened enclosure. Peggy wants to order blinds for the salon. Mike and Terry have a big list of projects they want to do. So, we have a busy summer ahead of us with LUX.

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A. Trent said...

A nice way to end the voyage)