Friday, March 18, 2016

On the Hook

Last night, we anchored out behind Figure Eight Island- north of Wirghtsville Beach. It was a great place to spend the evening.

There was very little wind, so it was very calm and peaceful. There was just one little strange thing.

YES! There was an X in the water. A real, live X marks the spot moment. I do not know how that X came about. And, I must admit, we do not know if treasure lies beneath it. We did not get the dingy out to inspect it. Those treasure hunters among my readers are free to try to find it at their leisure. However, I doubt that it remains. Some secrets do not easily reveal themselves to everyone. It might be that nature was just marking out an excellent anchorage for us for the night. It was, indeed, a treasure of a spot.

Today, we continued our push north. We made it to Beaufort, NC late this afternoon. Once again, we are anchored out for the night. And, it is another beautiful evening here on the water.

In the morning, we will head to the Beaufort Town Dock. Once snugly in a slip, we will spend the day enjoying town. It's one of our favorite stops.

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