Thursday, March 10, 2016

Traveling in the Lowlands

We had a lovely day on the water today. The sun was shining. It was warm. And, we moved along. That is, of course, until we got to Hellgate.

Ah, my Dear Readers, the reason to get up at the Crack of Dawn is to make sure you make it through Hellgate as close to high tide as possible. We were just on the edge when we were brought to a halt. No, we did not run aground. The sailboat in front of us did- right in the middle of the channel. So, we had to pull off and drop the anchor for a bit.

But, we are in Georgia. The tides are a change of 9 feet. This tide rose. The sailboat floated off. We went by- and reported back to them about the depths we encountered as we went forward.

We are anchored on the Vernon River. Yes, Dear Readers, it is buggy here. We are shut down tight with all hatches closed. Anything to protect us from the nasty no seeums.

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