Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Morning in Georgetown

It appears to be a quiet morning here in Georgetown. The sun is rising, and it promises to be another lovely day. Not that I want to make you jealous, Dear Readers, but it is forecasted to be 82 degrees today.

As mentioned, it appears to be quiet here. In actuality, Georgetown is quite the industrial town.

You might not be able to tell from the pictures, but there are three definite factory buildings to be seen from the deck of LUX. At the end of the anchorage here there is a steel mill. Unfortunately, the mill shut down last year after numerous efforts to keep it going. The paper mill, however is still going. It runs all day. AND, it runs all night. Here in the harbor, there is a continual background buzz from the factory.

The town also has an active shrimping business. Independent Seafood, right down from us, is continually written up as a great place to stop and buy shrimp. Indeed, Dear Readers, we now have three pounds of fresh shrimp in our refrigerator for dinner tonight.

Today, we will continue heading north. Right now, members of the crew are busy preparing for the journey. Peggy has cleaned up the galley. Carol is studying charts and guides. Mike is doing some boat maintenance.

Yes, he is washing windows. One can only hope he retains that skill once we arrive back home! :-)

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