Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Onancock, Virginia

Today was a great day for the sailors on the boat. We had great wind, so they sailed almost all the way here. And, here is a great marina. We are at the Town Dock, and it is a lovely place. 

They have finished construction on the building itself. There are new bathrooms and showers. There is a laundry room- one washer and one dryer, but they are free! And, it is a short walk into most of the town. Unfortunately, it is just over a mile to the Scoops- the ice cream shop. More about that later.

We started with lunch at Mallards. Quack, quack. Sorry, couldn't resist. Linda, it's not a chicken, but it is fowl..... Lucky for us, it was not foul at all!

It happens to be in an old building that used to be the Hopkins and Brother General Store which dated from the early 1800s. That building has been moved three times, ending up in its present location. The chef supposedly not only cooks but sings. However, we did not get a concert at lunch. They were watching the soccer game. FIFO has ruled all the televisions we have seen to date.

Then, we went walk about. Gee got overheated. Mike tried to get her ice cream. The interesting thing about Onancock is that it appears that your regular commerce has moved one mild away to Route 13, leaving nothing here but restaurants, antique stores, upscale boutiques, and a really cool coffee shop. Mike tried to get ice cream at the General Store Cafe, but it closed at two. Mike tried to get ice cream at the really cool coffee shop, but they only had art, jewelry, and iced coffees. Mike tried to get ice cream from the gourmet shop, but they only had gelato. Gee gave up, and went back to the boat.

Mike disappeared. It seems he borrowed the bike from from the Dockmaster to go to Scoops, just to get his beloved ice cream. He rode uphill both ways, which really can't be much since this is the eastern shore! And, he returned with ice cream. What a prince of a guy!

For dinner, we had chicken fajitas. It was very tasty.

BTW- LUX has generated a bit of attention since we are here next to the parking lot for Mallards. Many people have been admiring her. Two couples even talked to us just to say that she is such a beautiful boat. We so agree!

All in all, it has been a good day, tomorrow, we are off to Solomon's Island.

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