Monday, April 22, 2013

Leopard 40 Refrigerator Gaskets

We wrote about our experience with the refrigerator and freezer on LUX in It's Freezing In There. Since then, several people have purchased gaskets from Matt (matt (@) is very helpful. John on 2AWESOME reported that the profile 702 gaskets fit exactly, with the same measurements that we made on LUX. The gaskets are without the internal magnets. I don't like the idea of magnets on a boat - they can interfere with compasses. I have a hand-bearing compass that I like to use on the fridge top, which is like a nav station for us on LUX. The magnets are too close to the top for my peace of mind.

Our measurements:
Freezer: 15.0 in wide X 23.25 in high
Fridge:  17.5 in wide X 23.25 in high

Other people have reported slightly larger dimensions. These dimensions should be across the outside of the existing gaskets. Make sure that the measurements match the door facing. There is enough room on the door facing (the fiberglass facing where the gaskets will mate when the door is closed) that the measurements are not critical.

The Coolergaskets are gray, while the ones on LUX are white. But we're happy to change color to get something that seals well. Their price was also reasonable.

I don't know if the other Leopards have similar gaskets. Some Leopards have top-loading fridge/freezer, so the gaskets are probably different. A wider gasket may be desirable in those cases, perhaps the profile 494.

So I think we can say that the quest for Leopard 40 fridge gaskets is over. Tell Matt (the Gasket Guru) that Terry on LUX sent you. Finally, thanks to John on 2AWESOME for checking out the samples I had Matt send him and for being the test case for a set of gaskets.


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