Wednesday, November 20, 2013

LIfting the Hatches

Hatchcover Pneumatic Struts 

Ed on Esprit de Mer became very excited when he saw our hatch cover pneumatic struts. They are really nice because we don't have to worry about a hatch crashing down on us while we're accessing things in the lockers. We can't take credit for this improvement to LUX -- these were installed by the prior owner. They are on the forward hatches only.

The arrows in the photos identify the key components. There is a piece of cord that prevents the hatch from over-extending, which bends the hinges and makes the hatches difficult to properly close and open. The last photo shows the model number that we have installed on the anchor locker. The struts are available in a variety of lifting capacities. The forward lockers use 60lb struts while the anchor locker hatches use 40lb struts.

The struts are available from Service Plus Distributors. They make a variety of struts and other equipment. We have the stainless steel versions.

The only thing that I might have done differently is to epoxy a block on the inside of the cover instead of drilling holes to mount the upper bracket. However, we've not had any problems with the screws shifting and enlarging the holes, so perhaps this is the most appropriate, and certainly an expedient, method of installation.


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