Friday, March 21, 2014

We Love The Sunroom! An added note...

Make sure you read Terry's description of the creation of our sunroom- otherwise known as the enclosure. The project was massive- it took the entire month of continual sewing to make it happen. Carol and Mike had begun to complain about how they were supposed to be retired! 

To this day, Carol credits the Sailrite video with giving her the confidence to take on this project. However, the rest of us know her way too well. She is a master in the art of sewing construction. The rest of us can get a little testy with the time it takes her to carefully build patterns and then sew from them. What she creates is not only functional, but often a work of art. We turn heads now when we are traveling. Just look at us!

Our enclosure is sleek and form fitting, so it adds to the look of our boat. We just look so good on the water! But, the difference actually comes on the inside. We often write about the spaciousness of our catamaran. However, bad weather before the enclosure pushed everyone inside and underfoot while I am trying to cook! Having room outside that is comfortable gets everyone out of the way! And, everyone is just more comfortable with the extra space. Our enclosure adds to the beauty and the comfort of our LUX. It's well worth every minute and every penny spent on it.


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