Monday, November 3, 2014

It's Halloween!

We have left the Alligator River Marina and headed down to the Pongo River canal. We are having our usual round of entertainment already. First, the waves were NOT 5 to 10 as predicted. Once we got through the bridge, the weather reported 20, and they were right. It was a nice and bumpy ride up to the bridge.

Once through the bridge, we began traveling with the weather. So, things have smoothed out for us as we continue south. We are now approaching the canal. And, those military jets are buzzing us once more! They are so close (and so loud) that we think they are aiming at our mast.

We are back to motoring after a bit of motor sailing because we really want to get to Belhaven before the weather turns. The prediction is for two days of nasty rainy weather. They might be right. The horizon is all reddish pink right now- a sure warning for sailors.

By the way, we just passed the hundred mile mark in the ICW. It is cold today, so we are really enjoying the enclosure.

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