Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wednesday in Reedville

The weather was not very friendly today, so we decided to remain here in Reedville. We did boat chores in the morning - maintenance and cleaning. (Yes, Sam, we miss you during the cleaning times - and other times as well!)

For lunch, we motored over to the dock at the Cockrell Creek Seafood Deli. What a neat little local place! We had some really yummy food there. And, it's such a small dining room that we easily chatted with everyone! We met a husband and wife team who run a fishing charter out of Reedville. The best thing, though, is that they are currently working in their boat at Jennings Marina here in Reedville. We knew we needed to stay another night, but we really wanted to be in a marina with electricity. Yes, we wanted HEAT! But, they are all closed. This couple knew the management. So, they got us in. Yes, we have heat for tonight!

Dinner was here on the boat. We had Gee's standard cold day food - chicken and dumplings with cornbread. Yes, we did turn on that oven again. Any excuse to up the heat! Geez, who stole Spring?

But, dinner was good.

You'll notice that I was not quick enough tonight to get pictures before we ate. So, enjoy shots of empty plates and happy people. Tomorrow, maybe Solomons.

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