Monday, September 30, 2013

Morning in Norfolk

It looks to be another gorgeous day on the water. We're here in Norfolk, but not for long. We'll be on our way south later this morning. In the meantime, Peggy has completed her Tai Chi forms, Susan has tried Yoga on the back deck, and Terry is up on the front deck doing push ups. Hopefully, he'll add finishing the head to that set of exercise before the morning's done.

It's chilly outside, but we're staying comfy cozy in our new enclosure.
For breakfast, the crew must forage on their own today. Terry and Peggy will be having yogurt. The rest of us will be having oatmeal.

One of the most interesting aspects of this anchorage is that you continually hear trains. It's so weird to hear trains while you are on the water. And, it is just plain noisy. Norfolk is one very busy port!

One of the 'shows' yesterday was the tug show. One tug actually went past us flying. Why was that entertaining? Well, the tug was really moving backwards! It's amazing how they can maneuver so powerfully in either direction.

We also had lots of company yesterday. The enclosure keeps us warm, but it does not seem to keep the flies out. So, we had lots of exercise yesterday hunting down and killing all the flies. But, then again, chasing flies beats being way too cold any day!

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