Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Morning- Up at C O D

Yes, dear reader, we are once again off as dawn begins to lightly tint the sky. We're off to Virginia.


Our last day in Solomon's was filled with great friends, delicious food, and good times with USPS District 5. Terry, Carol, Mike, and Susan had a great day on the water racing. The USPS meeting only had three boats entered this year - 2 catamarans and a monohull. Since it was a small group, they all agreed to race each other. As they left the dock, we said, "Win big or go south." We'll be doing both.

Yes, LUX raced past the monohull and the Gemini catamaran to take first place. Not only that, the sailing crew had a fantastic day on the water. It was not too hot. it was not too cold. The sun kept breaking through the clouds. And they mostly had enough wind to play at sailing.

Meanwhile, Peggy and Gee went shopping- courtesy of Gretchen and Denise- the ones with a car. We went off on the search for stove knobs. Yes, dear reader, it appears that the last charterers were really mean to our stove. They broke both knobs for the burners. And we now know that stores no longer sell generic stove knobs. They all tell you to order them. We told each store that it would be a little hard  since we were on a boat headed south. We will probably try to order them- using pliers to turn on the stove does wear thin. Currently, we have redeployed the oven knob, so it's workable. But, we'll need to fix that soon.

Now for the daily head update. We have one head that works like a charm. The other head hopes to capture Terry's attention soon. It already got him to buy lots of jewelry - also known as parts with nice price tags. Hopefully, the offerings of bright, shiny and new parts will entice the head to join the crew. The day's young, and the adventures are just beginning.

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