Saturday, May 26, 2012

Friday Afternoon

Lunch today found us eating our Charlie the tuna. We whipped up a lovely tuna salad, and we served it on wraps. We have certainly enjoyed that fresh tuna. We are down to two steaksin the freezer. We are hoping to be able to grill them - if it ever stops raining.  It is now 3 PM. We ended up not having to use the dingy because there was enough water at the government dock to tie up. So tie up we did, and we walked a 1/2 mile to the grocery store--- in the rain. It was a good grocery store, though. There was quite the variety. And, they gave us a ride back to LUX. Alice ,one of the cashiers, took us back to the dock. Along the way, Carol asked about souvenir tee shirts. Alice said the best souvenirs were to be had right next to where we were shopping! And, she offered to take us back again AND return us to the boat once more. So Carol and Gee dropped off the groceries and went back to the store. Actually, there were not any tee shirts to be had. Instead, we went for souvenir pineapple upside down cake and banana bread. By the time we had chosen our homemade goodies, Alice was hard at work back in the grocery store. So, she asked her friend, Ella, to take us back to LUX. Off we went with Ella. Ella informed us that the rain was all part of a tropical depression that was supposed to last through the weekend. And, by the way, it also brought a tornado to Marsh Harbor- our next stop! It is now officially a good thing that we are not ahead of schedule! But, I must point out that the discussion about Howard and Sam continues. They boarded the boat, and the first thing they said is that they always attract bad weather. Obviously, their record is holding. The only question for the rest of us is whether or not we should toss them back off the boat - not caring if we are at a dock or at sea! Luckily, they have proven themselves to be excellent crew members. They step up to do any task that needs to be done. And, they are always cheerful and great conversationalists. I guess we will keep them regardless of their affinity forbad weather. Well, we have left the dock, and we are anchored out in the harbor. Although it is still raining, the wind is not terrible. It has the potential for a lovely night - cool and comfortable. Tonight is the perfect night for stovetop lasagna. We will see how that turns out.

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