Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday at breakfast

We are finishing up our scrumptious breakfast (a direct quote from the menu). Now the discussion is circling around what we will do today. It is still raining. The weather is unsettled, but we need to move on to keep to schedule. Howard has announced that the breakfast was big enough to hold everyone until dinner. I am hoping that is true, because I really hate trying to fix lunch while riding it out in the washing machine. UPDATE: The table discussion has devolved into whether or not Mike has truly done an in-depth study of bimbos. Yes, that would be the cookies. Terry feels that we cannot call this study the unified string theory because no string bikinis are involved. Other news: We met Sue this morning. One of our boat neighbors, Sue stopped by for a chat. She, too, is lamenting the bad weather. And, it is still raining. Our next stop is Rock Sound. Big update:It is not raining at this moment.

1 comment: said...

I am soooo sorry to learn about your bad weather and have my fingers crossed that the "not raining" continues.

Tom & I really miss being a part of your adventure and compared to work, "washing machine" winds and rain sound wonderful (everything is relative). ... We missed french toast AND fresh tuna .... WAAaaaaaa :-(

I can't imagine the bimbos in bikinis ... but given your doll clothes making skills, anything is possible ... 2 colleagues and I are going on a bimbo scouting mission at lunch on Tuesday ... maybe you will have a bimbo welcoming committee when you return ...

Hope Carol is feeling less itchy ... those mosquitoes are relentless!

Happy sails to you-all!

PS: I sent Mike an email about a course question that came up at ASPS Exec Council ...