Monday, May 21, 2012

George Town

Well, it is official. We missed Tom and Linda on the passage from Turks and Caicos. Mike, Carol, Terry, and Peggy had to cover the night passage so they did not get much sleep. By the time we got to George Town, everyone was very tired. Sam and Howard met us on the dock. They took one look at the five of us and decided that maybe they would take a walk so that we could take a nap! The passage itself, although long, had a few moments. We did get more dolphin shows. We saw lots of flying fish. And, we were passed by one of the Volvo racers. The boat from Finland was in first place and headed up to New York. At present, we are in George Town on Great Exuma. It's a nice place. The grocery store is small, but had a nice selection. No fish, though. So, we will just check out the next stop for fish. Or, maybe Terry will catch AND keep one the next time he fishes! This afternoon, we plan to move on to the Sandals resort. They have a pool! Sam and Howard are on board and settling in nicely. They are excited to be with us, and we are happy that they made it with no problems.


Tom said...

We're glad you made it safely. We were worried that we'd left you short-handed. Having Sam and Howard on board will surely help. When did you get in? Actually, a better question is when did you clear customs?

I would have loved to see a Volvo boat underway. How close were you? How fast was it going?

We miss you guys, fair winds, and stay out of the rain. It looks like it might be a wet couple of days.

-Tom & Linda

Michele said...

Glad to hear you arrived safely. I'm sure the weather is beautiful and you are having a wonderful experience. I'm guessing everything is operating smoothly with the LUX since you are still moving along. Getting Jacob packed and making our check lists for his departure. Last day of school for him is Friday, so he is really excited (especially since all his teachers are waiving his Final Exams).

Missing you and hoping to be talking to you next week.


S/V LUX said...

The Volvo racer had been keeping up with us all day. We were motoring at about 5-6 kn and they were sailing. When the wind picked up, they quickly caught up with us. They were about 1/4 mile away when we hailed them. Within 30 minutes, they were on the north horizon. They had 17 people on board.