Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday, May 17

Well, Terry was very optimistic about us blogging as we went along. It appears that those of us who fell victim to mal de mer also find that blogging is not as important as sleeping or staring at the horizon. The patches were a necessity. Only Mike and Tom managed to have no symptoms. But, we did sail on. We had beautiful weather and pretty good winds. We saw flying fish. And, yesterday and today, we had a wonderful dolphin show all around the boat. The best news is that everyone is starting to feel better. The bad news is that Tom and Linda now have to try to redo their flight home so that they leave from the Turks and Caicos instead of George Town in the Bahamas. The good news is that Lux is running great! Everything is operating. We just wish we could have left earlier.

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Michele said...

Glad Lux is operating in tip top shape. Have Mom let me know what day they anticipate pulling into Florida. She was going to check and see what day/time the other couple were departing from Florida. That way I can have Jake arrive as close to their time as possible.
Take care and love to you all,