Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday, May 24

And, it is still raining. We are here at Staniel Cay Marina. Last night, Mike cooked the tuna that we caught with the Cuban yoyo. He poached it in a lovely mango ginger sauce. He served it with couscous and broccoli. To drink, we had rum and mango juice. And, for dessert, we had cookies - some of them were even bimbos! Yes, thanks to Linda and Tom, we have bimbos on board this vessel! Yesterday, we actually went for a walk around the cay. Staniel Cay is not quite the tourist spot yet. We are still dealing with island life - everything seems to close by noon. Of course, we did not move until after lunch because it was still raining. By the way, even the general store was closed. One of the islanders had to go get 'Sister' to open up the store. And once we got inside, there really wasn't much to buy because the mailboat had not come in yet. The other interesting thing about Staniel Cay is that they offer the opportunity to swim with sharks. Yes, there are sharks hanging around the marina. In fact, they really like hanging around the BIG yacht behind us. That yacht even has LED lights in the water. In case you are worried, we did not stick our hands in the water like the people on the big yacht. And we did not hold food in the water either. At this moment, we are in the restaurant here at the marina. Howard is over admiring all the burgers hanging over the pool table. We only have one Annapolis burgee with us so we will not be leaving a souvenir here. Most of us slept through the storm that Mike and Peggy think happened. Carol and Howard verified the story, though. They had to close hatches!

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