Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's Halloween!

We are starting out the morning just right. It is maybe 60 degrees here- if I am lucky! Peggy and I are wearing our Halloween tee shirts with our turtlenecks on underneath. Carol, who cannot resist the lure of a real shower in a bathhouse, is down below showering on board. When she comes up, she will be wearing her tee shirt with her turtleneck! Meanwhile, Mike is making our breakfast- spiderwebs (otherwise known as pumpkin pancakes poured onto the griddle to look like spiderwebs). Mike, as you can see, is dressed as a happy island vacationer. Could that be that his only pair of long pants are now in the wash?

We will spend half a day here in Beaufort. Laundry will get done. Some shopping will happen. And we will do some partying. We will have snakes for lunch. Our dinner speciality is maggots & guts. Drink of the day is brains. And, for dessert, we will have witches' hats!

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