Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Yummy French Toast and off to Oriental

We're anchored in Eastham Creek, off Goose Creek, south of the Pamlico River. It is a very nice little anchorage off the ICW. We expected bugs last night and sure enough, around sunset, the mosquitoes arrived in hordes, chasing us inside. We quickly exterminated those bugs that followed us inside. Anytime one anchors near a marsh, one should expect mosquitoes.
The new Rocna anchor performed flawlessly, setting immediately and holding as we backed down to dig it in. It wasn't even difficult to retrieve, unlike the Bruce anchor (our backup) that we deployed earlier this year.
The bugs retreated when daylight arrived, so we were able to have a "yummy" breakfast of french toast that Gee fixed.
Today we head off to Oriental where refrigerator gaskets should be waiting for us. It is only 30 miles, so we should be there mid-day, giving us time to do some exploration of the town.

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