Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Shower Heads

When we acquired LUX, she had the stock shower heads. After a week cruise, we determined that replacement shower heads were an essential upgrade. The original Grohe shower heads used a lot of water and were showing their age and evidence of their hard life in the tropics. Mike and Gee had found a really nice shower head for use at home - Oxygenics. It uses little water and yet you feel like you're showering with a larger water flow. The Oxygenics incorporates a shut-off valve in its base, but due to where it is located, it generally requires two hands to operate - one hand to hold the shower head and the other to twist the knob at the base. We bought the white model, which is also a bit less expensive than the chrome model. It matches the Leopard 40 shower quite nicely.

We prefer single-hand operation, so we also installed a separate 1/4-turn valve at the mixer output on the shower wall (it is the little knob between the shower hose connects to the mixer output). It is easy to find and adjust even when our eyes are shut while shampooing.

The parts even go together without tools.

Here are links to what we bought:
Oxygenics Shower White

Shower Shutoff Chrome


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