Thursday, October 25, 2012

We host a dinner party!

As we were coming down the ICW today, we kept meeting up with Sound Wave, a Gemini from up north. As we wound down our day and approached our anchorage for the night, Terry suggested that we invite Sound Wave's owners over for dinner. So, Rich and Jane came over to check out LUX and to enjoy tonight's experimental dish - stovetop Shepherd's pie. The dish, a riff on a recipe using Hamburger Helper, was a success. Our guests said they enjoyed it. Of course, the meal was enhanced by Jane's offerings - a lovely fruit salad and really great cole slaw. We had a great time eating and talking here at Topsail Sound. We are 30 miles north of Cape Fear right behind Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. Tomorrow, we hope to get even further south. We are looking at several places that would be good shelter in a storm. Speaking of shelter, it would have not been such a fun evening without Carol's big mosquito net. She pieced together two of the nets used for outdoor umbrellas to make an easy to use cover for the back of LUX. We put it up tonight, and we had a lovely bug-free meal!