Monday, October 27, 2014

4 PM, and We Are Anchored

We did get an early start this morning when we pulled out at 7:30 AM. Leaving early let us catch some breezes so that we could motor sail for most of the day. Along with the ebb tide, the breeze let us travel along making up to 8 knots at times. 

At 3:42 PM, we are anchored here in Fishing Bay off the Piankatank River. It's a lovely spot.

You probably noticed that the pictures are not really clear. Even though the weather forecast said 72 degrees, it was rather chilly today. Carol and I ended up making muffins for lunch just to warm up the cabin. Then we spent all afternoon trying to keep the salon doors closed. Yes, Michael does hate those closed doors, even when he can see through them! Oh well.

Tomorrow, we head over the bay to Cape Charles. There we are supposed to pick up Susan. She will be joining us for part of the way south. I am looking forward to regaining a sous chef. With Peggy gone, I am working overtime just to keep up. Just to make sure I am living up to Peggy's standards, here's proof that I did the morning setup last night.

As you can see, everything is ready for breakfast. Yay, me!

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