Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cape Charles - Worth the Visit

Well, we made it to Cape Charles in really good time. The sailors on board said it was a great day. I think they said that because the day was like being on a monohull- lots of bouncing, waves over the bow, etc. As a result, we found ourselves in Cape Charles just in time to enjoy lunch at the Shanty Restaurant.  And, that was the best decision. The Shanty sits right in the marina. It has that on the waterfront dive vibe going for it. But, the food was exceptional. The menu features lots of locally sourced fresh foods. And, they were prepared to just the point of yummy. The crab cake was so tasty. The fish and chips were crispy as well as flaky. And, the Shanty burger was perfect.

After lunch, we took a walk into town to try to find the local ice cream shop. The Brown Dog makes all its own ice cream, so we were dying to try it. We found the shop immediately. And, no surprise, it had closed for the season. However, the sign in the window did say that we could enjoy Brown Dog ice cream up the street at the coffee shop. So we set off in search of the coffee shop.

Along the way, we ran into the nicest man outside the hardware store. He asked what we were looking for, and then told us the bad news. The coffee shop is closed on Tuesdays! BUT, we could get a pint of the ice cream at the OTHER end of town at the wine shop. Ah, a perfect combination- wine and ice cream. But first, we took a detour through the hardware store.

WOW! Talk about your old time hardware store. If this place doesn't have it, you didn't need it! It was definitely a store that could be on the historic register. As you might have guessed, Michael did find something to buy.

So we took off for the wine store. Believe it or not, it was OPEN. And, it was an incredible wine store. What a variety of wines AND craft beers. And olive oils. And gluten free foods. AND, best of all, a freezer with pints of Brown Dog ice cream. Mike bought wine and a pint of Muddy Hummock ice cream. Believe me, any trip to Cape Charles has to include a trip to Gull Hummock, the super wine store!

Back at the boat, Mike and Carol decided to walk off with the propane bottle to get it filled. They had to walk to the end of town to Vance's Furniture Store- the best place in town to get propane tanks filled. Meanwhile, Susan called to say she was on her way. We were able to have Susan pick up Mike and Carol! It all worked out so nicely.

Finally, we decided that the Shanty was so very nice that we would need to go back for dinner! Even yummier on the second visit. Wow! What a great place. The food was, yet again, just wonderful. But, it was outshined by the wonderful dessert.

Yes, that would be apple pie with salted caramel ice cream. The ice cream was made just for The Shanty by Brown Dog. Ohhhhh.... It was so good. We are DEFINITELY coming back to this place again.

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