Thursday, October 30, 2014

Why You Should Visit Cape Charles

Friends had told us that we needed to include Cape Charles on future itineraries. Carol really wanted to go. We thought this trip would be the perfect time to make that visit happen. We are certainly glad we did. And now, we think you should plan to visit, too. And, I need to tell you why.

Let's start with the Town Harbor Marina. The price is better than just right. As of October 2014, the off season price is just $1.50 a foot. The pump out is just one dollar. The bathrooms are clean. The showers have lots of hot water. The hands working there are courteous as well as efficient. Yes, we did notice that a cement manufacturing plant is right across the way. But, it was not as annoying as others have reported. Also, it has been reported that this marina is really far from town. There is actually a path from The Shanty across the railroad tracks to the Main Street through town. And, it is not that far to walk. Better yet, the path ends right in front of the Brown Dog Ice Cream Shop! And, the shop next to it plans to sell frozen yogurt! 

Cape Charles also has a great old fashioned hardware store. The aisles are narrow, and there is 'stuff' overflowing into the aisles. They have a nice selection of marine hardware as well. The staff not only knows hardware, but they can tell you all about the town and the other shops. That's how we found out that Vance's Furniture refills propane bottles! It's a bit of a walk from the marina, but it can be done.  We also learned that Vance's is a third generation family business that started with propane!

Also, do not skip Gull Hummock, the wine store. It has many things a boater might look for in town. They have a large selection of wines as well as craft beers. They have cheeses, chocolates, and ice cream. They even offer a small selection of gluten free foods. The Gull Hummock may not be able to meet all your needs for groceries, but it will appeal to the gourmets on board your boat.

The public library sells some books and gives away magazines. And, they have a very nice computer lab. It's worth a stop, especially since it is housed in an old bank building. 

Finally, back to the marina and The Shanty restaurant. Once again, Dear Readers, put it on your list of places to eat should you be traveling near Cape Charles. The food is so good. The ambience is very much a seaside shanty. And, the service is just superb. Our hostess/waitress really knew her business. She was smart, funny, and efficient. She remembered preferences, and she made sure the water glasses stayed full. We had a great meal at lunch followed by another great meal at dinner. According to the local brochures, there are lots of great places to eat in town. I can't talk about the others because we couldn't resist going back to The Shanty.

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