Sunday, October 26, 2014

It's Cocktail Time!

We reached Solomons Island at 3:30 today after a great day of sailing. At midday, we enjoyed a great lunch of pumpkin butternut squash soup. Yes, Dear Readers, it was made by me. I am sad to report that I truly miss my companion in arms, Peggy the Sous Chef. We have already misplaced more food than you can imagine. Peggy is the queen of refrigerator managers. Everyone keeps asking where things are in the refrigerator, and no one answers- at least not correctly! Michael has volunteered to take on the chore of refrigerator diving, and he is working very hard at it. Not an easy task when no one knows where anything is.

Meanwhile, here is a picture of the soup. It has a garnish of pumpkin seeds and parmigiana cheese. And, it was yummy!

We made such good time that we arrived in Solomons before 4 PM.

We are anchored in Mill Creek. The cheese, crackers and drinks are out. We'll leave early tomorrow because weather forecasts say the wind will be good tomorrow morning. It promises to be a "wee doggie" day, but only until early afternoon!

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