Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Another Beautiful Morning

We woke up to another beautiful morning in another beautiful anchorage. Now, we have headed off toward Cape Charles.

A note just for Linda-- look, the frames have a midpoint so that the horizons are lined up, if you want to play with the picture. Just for you, I worked to try to get that horizon just right. But, I just noticed that I left a little line of blue at the top. That would be why Linda is the photographer, and I am not.

On to the true issues of the day.....

I did not hop right out of bed today. That left Mike in charge. There was no Peggy to manage the morning beverages. The "regular" drill is to fill up the cups of the coffee drinkers and then the water left goes in the teapot. With Mike in charge, the first batch of water FILLS THE TEAPOT! There was NOT enough water for the coffee! And the propane ran out in the middle of the second pot of water! Seriously, I need my sous chef. And that would NOT be Mike!

Also, Carol does not like to play Yachtzee. This will be my third day on the water without Yachtzee. Yesterday, I gave in and played 500 rummy. And, as usual, I lost to our onboard card shark.

But, today Susan is joining us. Ah, reinforcements for the galley management. We will pick her up in Cape Charles, our first 'real' destination. Carol has wanted to visit for sometime, and this trip gave us the perfect opportunity. 

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