Saturday, May 31, 2014

Friday Afternoon

It's been a fun- and action-packed day for the crew of LUX. Our beautiful clouds over Hopetown ended with a rainstorm. After the rain, we took off for Fowl Cay. Those who wanted to snorkel took off in the dinghy. They had a great time.

Mike stayed at the boat. He snorkeled around, looking for stuff to clean off the bottom and the props. During his boat bottom survey, he saw a big manta ray. It was right on top of the anchor.

The other interesting thing of the day was terns. We kept seeing an incredibly green/teal colored bird flying around. Carol thought it was a parrot. We eventually discovered that it was just terns! Their bodies and wings were reflecting the color of the water. It was truly amazing to see them. We probably would never had figured out that they were terns had one not flown right by the boat before turning green!

After snorkeling, we moved to Baker's Bay. Terry wanted to try it out as an anchorage. The most interesting unknown about this bay is that it is home to a marina frequented by LARGE fishing boats. Although, to be fair, there were some smaller boats as well. In fact, it was just like a boat parade. And all of them were in a hurry to make it back by whatever time they thought they all had to be in. So, they went barreling by. And, just now, the helicopter was arriving as well. There must be a really great happy hour in there at 5:30! Not a mast in sight, though. So, it is probably not the place for sailors. We'll just be hoping they all don't feel the need to go fishing at 5:30 AM!

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