Thursday, May 29, 2014

Wednesday - I'm a Little Behind

Wednesday - It's a Beautiful Morning...for some of us

It is a lovely morning here in Little Harbor. Most of us think that. Mike's roaming around. We can tell that from the drops of blood scattered about. Carol wouldn't know. She's down with a cold. She's having tea in her cabin. Terry has his head under a bunk working on the hot water heater. Peggy is doing cabin maintenance.

But, for the rest of us, the day is comfortably warm and sunny. Tony has left the boat. He's off swimming to the beach. We don't know if that is for fun, or if he's trying to find an exit strategy to escape from LUX earlier than planned.

Susan already has her exit strategy. She bailed out the dinghy first thing. She also ended up sleeping on the settee last night. Seems she did not want to share a cabin with the person with a cold. Peggy has suggested we hang the quarantine flag over the door to Carol's cabin. Susan is resisting that- her belongings are still in there.

Well, the hot water heater is fixed. Terry claims it was suffering from clogged arteries. Mike claims it had kidney stones. Either way, they removed some clogs, and it is back to working as it should. Now, it's on to the dinghy. It keeps filling up with water. And, no, it is not raining. Oh, and they fixed the stove. it had a loose nut- no, that would not be Michael.

Later in the Day

After all the repairs, things really looked up. We played TOURIST! LUX took off for Sandy Cay. It's the perfect place to snorkel in this area. Of course, it took a while to get those wanting to snorkel into the dinghy. Rich thought we were going too snorkel off the back of the boat, so we had to reorganize his thinking. Susan was dithering about going. We finally had to tell her to JUST GET IN THE DINGHY! And, with that, Terry, Rich, Tony and Susan were off. And, they had a great time. Everyone saw lots of great sights, but Tony had the most to report. He saw three fan coral. No, wait! That's not coral. That's a prop! Sometimes you do need to look UP when you snorkel! Then, it was back to the boat. 

Next stop was Tilloo, where some of the crew went to the beach to look for shells. It was a lovely beach, and they had lots of fun. 

One interesting moment for us today was the moment Tony decided to try a man overboard drill using his hat. It wouldn't have been so bad had he not already lost one hat somewhere! He really doesn't have another hat to fall back on.

We also had to (continually) educate the newer crew members on the trouble with salt water. It doesn't dry! So, we don't let anyone into the cabin with salty shoes or bathing suits. Those newbies just kept trying to get by us. But, I preserved the sanctity of the cabin....over and over again! We also spend a lot of time trying to get people to turn off the light. In their cabin. That's not working so well for us.

Finally, it's the evening. We are on the backside of Elbow Cay-- Aunt Pat's Bay. Tomorrow, we plan to go around to Hopetown-- one of our favorite spots. Tonight, for dinner we had the buffet. All the fixings for a grilled chicken salad. Followed by a dessert buffet with pastries, pound cake, fruit, gingersnaps, and chocolate cream cheese. Tonight's drink was pineapple 78- a drink recipe I found and modified. I used pineapple juice, rum, and club soda. It was yummy! Everyone was very happy with their dinner. Or, at least, they did not complain.

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Henrietta Fuller said...

Oh how I love perfectly sunny days! The warmth of the sun and the coolness of the sea certainly calls you out. I wish I was around the area when the weather was just perfect. Anyway, glad you got your water heater fixed. There's nothing worse than cold showers, in my opinion. So, things are finally looking up for you guys? I'm genuinely happy to hear that. It seems like you had a really great time that day. Everybody seems fun to be around with. You guys take care! :)

Henrietta Fuller @ Bri-Tech Heating and Cooling