Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Susan and the Internet are NOT Friends

Susan, one of our crew this time, has been desperately trying to send email home to her family every since we started on this trip- and, yes this is only the second day. But, like any good family member, she promised to send out regular news. However, her phone's internet access does not seem to find Bahamian Internet digestible. Yesterday, the phone refused to see the internet. Today, she got on-line, wrote a LONG message, and she attached a picture. So, it would not send it.

Mike's favorite Bahamian story is about one local beer-Kalick. What does this have to do with Susan's saga? Well, Mike told me that he read a sign that said the Bahamian Internet was VERY slow. So, you should click and drink a Kalick while you wait. After three clicks and three Kalicks, the internet would seem to go really fast-- or else you just wouldn't notice!

So, Susan has NOT been drinking her Kalicks. She is very frustrated with her inability to send messages home. I just thought the nicest thing to do would be to assure all her family- who, of course are reading this blog-- that Susan is having a great time. She misses you. She loves you. BUT, she really is enjoying the trip. See for yourself.

Doesn't she look like a real boater? And, she is doing just fine.

She is also working hard at learning boat skills. Here you see Susan learning to tie a bowline knot. She even learned to tie it behind her back! Yay! We're having fun here on LUX. And, from Susan-- Having a great time! Wish you were here!

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