Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thursday...Another Beautiful Day

It's 7 AM on Thursday

Today, Tony can't find his sandals. This boat is only 40 feet long and 21 feet wide. Yet people can still misplace just about anything. At least once a day, someone will start with, "I can't find......." My theory was that Tony has an exceptional admin who keeps him organized. But, I was wrong. He has an exceptional admin named Frinee AND an exceptional wife named Noreen. After a little searching, the sandals showed up.

We're all up and moving because we all went to bed early last night. A long day of fun and sun will ensure an early night on the boat. We did have a rain drill, though. Peggy felt the rain come in, so she hopped up to start shutting the hatches. Halfway through the task, the rain stopped. But, we did successfully wake up for the alert- all of us except maybe Carol, who is still suffering from airplane malaise! She has a lovely cold, and we are all hoping we DO NOT get it.

Noon in Hopetown

We are at the Harbor Inn and Marina in Hopetown. We had the shuttle take us over to town. We walked around, and some of us bought souvenirs. I won't spoil the surprise, but someone is going to get a great souvenir from the Bahamas. 

This morning, before we took off, we saw a rainbow in the clouds

And now, this afternoon, it is raining. As the sign says, you can't get the rainbow without the rain. So, we'll sit it out here at the dock. It's a great view, so I don't think we'll mind!

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