Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thursday Evening

We've just had a great day. We took the boat shuttle over to Hopetown, and we wandered about. We visited shops. We had lunch at Cap'n Jacks. Peggy has part of her fish Reuben left for tomorrow's lunch! It was yummy. When we got back, we all relaxed. Susan, Peggy, and Gee headed off to the pool. It was COLD in that pool. But, the hot tub was a different story. We stayed in the hot tub until we looked like prunes!

For dinner, we had another salad bar. This time, the theme was tuna nicoise! So, we had potatoes and green beans as well as tuna and lettuce. Dessert was Vernon's key lime pie or gingersnaps and chocolate. Now, we're all tired and ready for bed.

Tomorrow, we are headed to Fowl Cay for snorkeling. Then, we will move on to Treasure Cay.

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