Monday, May 26, 2014

We're in Man O War Cay!

Well, we made it from Marsh Harbour over to Man O War. But, it was an adventure! First, leaving Marsh Harbour couldn't happen until we rounded up all of our LUX stuff. Hmmmm. We came down with 24 washcloths. When we got here, we had 2. It appears that moving linens around the different charter boats doesn't always result in a return of the same amount to the same boat. Likelwise, our charts were missing. They were in the charter office. And, LUX had been crossed off on the cover. But, they did leave the label that said do not remove from boat. Hmmmm... Also, our gas can for the dinghy was not our gas can. We know that because the gas can in the dinghy had a square opening. Unfortunately, our engine on the dinghy required a round connection. And square pegs do not fit in round holes. Hmmm... And, it did not have LUX written on it. Ours did. At least when we had ours. And, the grill was incredibly dirty. So much for clean up after charterers. 

On our way over,  we ran into a rain storm!

So, we just waited outside the entrance to Man O War until things settled down.

We took off the minute the rain stopped, and found ourselves here at the Man O War Marina. And, of course, we had to celebrate.

As you can see, we celebrated in our usual style. Tonight, it was frozen piƱa coladas. And, of course, we had appetizers.

We are very thankful that Noreen (according to Tony) INSISTED that he bring this wonderful sausage and the fabulous crackers. It was a great treat along with some Colby cheese.

It was really appreciated by the crew.

As you can see, the crew couldn't wait to get to it. And, before you knew it, the plate looked like this.

Now, we're having dinner at the Dock and Dine restaurant here in Man O War cay. Another great day here in the islands.

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