Wednesday, June 5, 2013

All Day on a Boat

Most days are really great on the water. But some days are just not as much fun. Today was different than the day in the ocean. But, the boat was really rocking and reeling on the waters of the sound. Once again, your intrepid writer found it better to sleep. Even Rich said that today was 'uncomfortable.' But, the rest of the crew persevered, and we are now anchored in Upper Dowry Creek. Once we anchored, the strawberry daiquiris came out.

Once again, the inverter proves to be a great friend to your boaters.

While the crew enjoyed drinks, dinner preparations continued. And then we all sat down to eat.

Linda, it might not be your kind of yum, but the crew thought it was a double yum. We used up the test of our gigantic bag of meatballs. Mike just said, "Got a feeling that we'll be having meatball subs for lunch tomorrow." He might just be right.

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Linda said...

Your dinner picture does look yummy ... But you are right about meatballs & me ... but a double yum minus one iwould still a yum for the picky one .... Who would have thought cinnamon & tomato sauce ... Will have to try that soon!