Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Multi-Purpose Cockpit Cushions

LUX was equipped with a set of seven blue folding seat cushions. We've wondered about the cushions found on other Leopard 40s until we spent some time with Ed and Mary Beth on Esprit de Mar. They noted that the big cushions are difficult to store and make it challenging to open the cockpit seat lockers.

Of course, there is the normal use of the cushions in the cockpit. They unfold as shown to cushion our derriere and back. They are also useful to take forward for sitting on the grand staircase or on the trampoline.

Stacked, they make a great additional seat, provided that they are not being used elsewhere. We often use them in front of the fridge/freezer. Adding or removing a cushion adjusts the height. They are typically stored in a stack in front of the freezer, which makes the use as a fridge spelunking station rather convenient.

Finally, they fit a variety of locations where a work cushion for knees, hips, ribs, and backs. Here is the setup that we use to work on the electrical systems that are located under the galley sink. One cushion for the hips, a stack of two cushions for the external threshold, and one cushion inside for shoulders. No more bruised ribs and hips from working on the electrical system. A single cushion works well for the knees, though we avoid using it in really messy jobs.

The cover is a vinyl mesh, zippered on a foam square.

We've not seen similar cushions in our travels. If you know where to find them, please leave a comment.


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