Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Strangers Just Passing Through

Today, we are moving along the ICW toward the Alligator River. We started after a lovely breakfast of omelets by Rich and pastries from Beaufort Cru Coffee Shop. Rich makes a mean omelet. Today's featured ham and cheese.

On the waterway, we were passed by a boat called Retired Sailor. If you guessed that it was a trawler, you would be correct. We let Retired Sailor pass us just before our favorite bridge- the one that claims to be 65 feet, but we always scrape it. Today, it was Rich's turn to do the bridge dance. He did a great job- aided by the fact that it was low tide. But, we still scraped.

Further along, we met another boat. This time it was a tug with a barge. They look even bigger in the narrow sections of the ICW!

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