Thursday, June 13, 2013

Home at Last!

Well, we did beat the storm home. And then the fun began. Lars and Denise tried to come and greet us. Traffic was snarled on 50 because a truck overturned. Howard came as well, but also had some traffic problems - but he went via St. Margaret's. BTW, Denise and Lars still beat him. Mike dropped his phone overboard. We did get everything off, just before the storm hit, but it was a rush.

Toni did show up to pick up Rich. So, he gets to go home. Toni had been saying that he couldn't go home unless she was there. And, she was supposed to be in meetings until 6. They went off to get groceries because Toni has not been eating at home.

Howard left to walk Beryl, his dog. The rest of us had pizza. Then, Mike made one final effort to rescue his phone by dredging for it with a crab net. The exciting news is that he actually found it. When we bought this phone, he wanted it because it's the model that the Coast Guard used. Supposedly, it's waterproof and shock proof. We can report that it is waterproof. The phone was in the water for six hours. He dredged it up, and turned it on. And, yes, it turned on! Here's the phone, not on, but still a good phone.

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