Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Days that Bug Us

Most days, being on the water is just about fun. Like today- the sun is shining, and the Albemarle Sound is not choppy. We are headed to the Alligator River Marina where we will once again enjoy a great shrimp dinner served at a gas station! It would have been a perfect day, except.....

First, Peggy noticed that there were not a lot of birds around. We came to the conclusion later that the birds don't stick around because this appears to be a popular spot for military jets to buzz around. We think the birds probably don't care for all that noise. So, at the first sign of the jets, the birds all take off. There's probably some other reason, but we've seen an awful lot of jets buzzing by today!

Next came the horseflies. And, yes, at times they seemed as big as horses. The crew wanted to catch four and harness them to LUX to increase our speed.

We also ran into a swarm of ants.

So, we're busy killing bugs

We also have seen some great things on the water. A beautiful boat passed us.

And we are making progress. Rich drove most of the morning. But, Terry is back at the helm for the afternoon.

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