Saturday, June 1, 2013

Rockin' and Rollin' in Wrightsville Beach

The grand plan today was to come to Wrightsville Beach for supplies. The really big plan was that Terry would get to go to West Marine. Extra groceries would be an added value. As with all great plans, they went awry. No slips in any marina here this evening. It seems that there is a giant fishing tournament going on. Every marina was full to the gills ( no, I could not resist that one). For the non-boat people among my readers, that also means this anchorage is full of motorboats. Motorboats busy going back and forth. Motorboats busy making LOTS of wake. So, we are anchored out so that Terry could take the dingy in to go to West Marine. And, while we wait, we are rocking and rolling.

But, I do not want my readers to worry. Terry is not going to West Marine because something serious has happened. No, indeed. He needs wire to install his battery monitor. So, we are not broken down. We will not be waiting for parts.

Once Terry decided to go to West Marine, it was dingy time. And, the dingy was a little dingy today. First, the motor had to be put back on the dingy-always an adventure when the water is active. Then, the motor was not working properly- no water for cooling the engine was coming out the back. Then, we had a hunt for a piece of wire to try to clean out the port. But, we couldn't find the correct size of wire. Then, Terry and Rich took off using the oars. Then, the oar lock broke on one side. But, they persevered. And, they did make it not only to West Marine but to Harris Teeter. We know that because they called to see what was on the list- they forgot to take the list with them. Once again, a fun day on the water- and off!

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