Monday, June 10, 2013

Did I Mention Hampton?

Oops! I forgot to share that we spent Saturday at the Hampton Public Docks. They docks are right downtown next to the Air and Space museum.

We wandered up to Jamocha Joe's coffee shop. They serve excellent paninis.

After lunch, we wandered down to the museum. In recent years, the museum has remade itself into a children's science museum. Parts of the museum still have great exhibits on the history of flight. But, some sections are pure kid friendly. A personal favorite of your writer-- When Americans decoded the beeps from Sputnik, the translation read: Nyeh, nyeh. We got here first!

Somehow, dear reader, I do not believe that piece of science-even if it was in a science museum!

We ate dinner on the boat, and most of the crew was ready to go to bed early. Too bad no one told the wedding party taking place right in front of our dock! Luckily, those paid receptions can't go all night! They were really having a good time. Mike kept threatening to crash the party. But, dear reader, we all remained on our best behavior.

And so- it was up early on Sunday and off to Crisfield.

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