Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dessert Delivered by Terry and Rich

We are anchored here in Mill Creek. We had a great dinner. Mike grilled chicken breasts with apricot and mango rum sauce. We stir fried broccoli slaw mix with butter and sunflower seeds. We fried some almonds in butter, and stirred in leftover couscous. And, we had ginger glazed carrots. 

After dinner, Terry and Rich decided to go for a dingy ride. They ended up at The Captain's Table, looking for dessert. They were very successful.

Yes, that is a peach cobbler. They also brought back blueberry cobbler and one piece of chocolate cheesecake. The interesting thing is that the cobblers came with ice cream! Each serving had one scoop of ice cream sealed in its own package. And, everyone enjoyed their yummy treats!

As you can see, nothing was left for tomorrow.

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