Saturday, June 1, 2013

Welcome to the Sport Fishing Capital

Today is Saturday, and you can tell it is the weekend. The decision was to leave early this morning, but no need for an alarm. LOTS of sport fishing boats have gone by, and it's only 6:30. Terry said they were not serious fisherfolk because they did not go before dawn. Lucky us, huh?

We ended last night with four of the crew playing 500 rummy. Rich claimed he had never played before. Hard for us women to believe since he skunked us big time. And he did it while claiming that he couldn't get any good cards. This morning, he suggested that we stay over another night. He thought his luck was so good that he should go out on the casino boat that we passed yesterday. No. Not happening. He wants to move into dun territory, Peggy's willing to play poker right here on LUX. No time like the present to show that Luck is a fickle lady.

It's 6:43 AM, and the anchor is up. We're on our way north. We'll probably anchor out somewhere near Wrightsville Beach. It's a little cloudy, but no serious rain making clouds in evidence.

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