Monday, June 3, 2013

Sunday, June 2 - Rumor Has It That It Was A Beautiful Day

We all got up early to leave Wrightsville Beach yesterday. The sun was shining. There was a brisk breeze. The captain thought it would be a great day to take an ocean voyage. So, we ate our yogurt or granola underway.

Now, Rich's son had sent him an email about the cut out of Wrightsville. Supposedly, the wind can really whip it up. In fact, there are times when they actually shut it down. It was not shut down yesterday, but the cut had great wave action. And that, dear reader, is where you lost your intrepid blogger. I said, "I think I will lie down for a bit." And that is the last of my tale for a while.

I did not see it, but the spinnaker flew yesterday. There were a few problems getting it up due to a twist in the top. I don't know for sure; I didn't see it. But the shade kept my cabin cool, so I slept better.

Peggy sighted a gigantic turtle floating along. At first, she thought it was a mass of vegetation. But, no, it was a big turtle taking in the beautiful day.

Others saw a pod of dolphins. They were having great fun, and everyone topside enjoyed the show. I did not see them.

The Cuban yoyos were deployed. According to the fisherfolk, they each caught a BIG tuna at just about the same time. The cry of "Fishy! Fishy!" went out out. I did not stir. The reports claim that Rich's tuna cut across to Terry's tuna, and they tangled. There was a fierce fight. They had to get the Rich tuna on board to hold it while the Terry tuna was reeled in just to get them untangled. They kept the Rich tuna and let the Terry tuna go. Seems there CAN BE such a thing as too much tuna. Terry said, "Now, if the other one had been a Mahi Mahi ......" But it wasn't, so it went free. Other crew members took pictures, so someone will post them later. Not me. I slept through it.

I did get up once to get a ginger ale. My only comment when asked how I was doing--- "The only way I could have more fun would be to have the opportunity to have a root canal this afternoon." Then, I went back down to my cabin to take a nap.

When I finally got up from my nap, we were pulling into Beaufort, NC. We're staying at the Beaufort Docks right downtown. The rest of the crew decided that I needed to get off the boat and go to dinner on land. I did not argue. We went to Clawson's where other people had shrimp and grits or Mahi Mahi wraps or fried shrimp- I had a Rueben- nothing from the sea for me last night!

We came back to LUX, and I took a nap before going to bed. Others have said it was a long day. I wouldn't know. I was not there. 

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