Friday, January 22, 2016

Good Morning from St. Augustine

It is 11 AM as I write this, so I had better get a move on if this is to be a morning post! Although we are not expecting snow, the forecast does call for thunderstorms and strong winds. If you look out to the east, you would think that it is going to be a nice day. 

But, just take a look back to the west.

Oh my! I think we will wait a little longer to do laundry. No since paying to dry it if you plan to soak it on the way back to the boat!

Back to this morning-- today we tried a recipe Peggy found on Facebook. It was a sausage and egg bake Peggy was right. It was very yummy. Have a look.

We made it a little boat friendlier by using pre-cooked sausage crumbles. It's always nice to avoid grease splatters! Also, it eliminates one step in the process. Each step I eliminate is time closer to feeding a hungry crew. It's also one more way to lessen the amount of necessary clean up. So, it also saves on water as well as time. 

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