Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Day in Alice Town

We spent the day exploring Alice Town. North Bimini is not exactly the biggest of islands. Terry rented a golf cart so we could tour around a bit. That's when we discovered that we could go around the entire island in about a half hour- if we didn't stop. However, we had to stop and look at lots of things. We visited the Dolphin House. The owner is an incredible builder. He is recycling in a serious fashion. 

This is the upstairs apartment over his small island museum. He rents it out as a vacation rental. You can see all the things he has gathered to make up the walls and floor. The ceiling is hung with floats he collects on the beach after storms. He collects tiles from any building projects with leftovers as well as the dump. It was an incredible collection of recycled goods. He's been working on this apartment for 10 years.

We also visited the resort at the end of the island. It's a really high end resort with a Hilton hotel, lots of villas, and two pools. One is an infinity pool overlooking the ocean. The other is just a really big pool with a beautiful bathhouse. 

BTW, you can even play chess here.

The resort also has a small casino. We actually ended up eating dinner in the casino. Come to find out, there's not much open here on Sundays! We had planned to eat in the lovely restaurant next to the really big pool. But, it was closed. So, we decided to give the casino a try. The food was great. The service was impeccable. And, the prices were not unreasonable - for food on an island. It was so funny, though. There were more employees than customers in the casino. In fact, we started dinner as the only people in the restaurant. Later on, three more tables were filled - for a total of 11 more people. We found out that the high season is not until March and April.

Tomorrow, we plan to head out east. We'll be anchoring out, so there may not be a blog tomorrow. With that, Dear Readers, I am off to rest up for tomorrow's adventures.

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